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Wizard\'s Familiar
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Magic: the Gathering

This is a free card-searching and deck-building tool for Magic: the Gathering.
If you've not heard of Magic, it's a fantasy-themed tradeable collectible card game.
It is also the best game ever created in the history of this little blue planet.
I stongly suggest you check it out: Learn to Play
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WHAT'S NEW as of 10/4:
Added Guilds of Ravnica.

WHAT'S NEW as of 10/4:
Added Battlebond.

WHAT'S NEW as of 7/4:
Added Core Set 2019.

WHAT'S NEW as of 4/23:
Added Dominaria.

WHAT'S NEW as of 1/10:
Added Rivals of Ixalan.

WHAT'S NEW as of 9/20:
Added Ixalan.

WHAT'S NEW as of 7/13:
Added Hour of Devastation.

WHAT'S NEW as of 4/24:
Added Amonkhet.

WHAT'S NEW as of 1/12:
Added Aether Revolt.

WHAT'S NEW as of 7/14:
Added Kaladesh.

WHAT'S NEW as of 7/14:
Added Eldritch Moon.

WHAT'S NEW as of 3/30:
Added Shadows over Innistrad.

WHAT'S NEW as of 1/14:
Added Oath of the Gatewatch.

WHAT'S NEW as of 9/25:
Added Battle for Zendikar.

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Allow cards to tap and untap.
Add hotkeys and shortcuts.
Improve display of large searches.
Continue to tweak UI.
Discover any cards missing from database.
View Recent Searches and Popular Decklists.
Implement more deck file types.
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