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Wizard\'s Familiar
This is a card-searching and deck-building tool for Magic: the Gathering.
If you've not heard of Magic, it's a fantasy-themed tradeable collectible card game.
It is also the best game ever created in the history of this little blue planet.
I stongly suggest you check it out: Learn to Play
Tutorial & Instructions

Find Cards
To find cards from most of Magic's major releases, select New Search in the FIND/cards menu.
Within the Search pane that opens, select any number of criterion to specify the cards you want to find and hit the SEARCH button.
Search by one or more sets or by constructed format. You can search by any number of card types (or none). Require or exclude any
colors and search by rarity. Of course you can also search by text within cards' names, subtypes or rules—or all of them at once.
The Search pane will remain open for further searches unless you close it or use the Search X button.
Up to 30 of the cards you find will appear in your Collection area at a time. Select Show More in the FIND/cards menu to load the next 30.
Rolling over any of those cards will zoom it to full size. You can click it to add it to your deck (or alt-click to add it to your sideboard).
All tournament legal cards are in the database. That's over 15000 cards! If you find one missing, let me know.
Use the Review All button in the FIND/cards menu to see all cards you've searched for during the current session.

Build a Deck
Unless you're loading a shared or remembered deck, your Deck area will start empty.
As you add cards from your Collection Area, they will appear at the top of the screen.
You can click to remove cards, alt-click to add duplicates or right-click to move them to or from the sideboard.
You can load and save decks to your hard drive from the BUILD/deck menu.
Wizard's Familiar files are compatible with Magic Online & Apprentice (more formats to come).
You may notice that when you return to Wizard's Familiar, it will attempt to remember your last deck.

Test your Deck
Once your deck is ready, choose New Game from the PLAY/test menu to shuffle your deck up and goldfish it.
The Play area was recently reorganized: You will see your hand to the right of your deck, your graveyard
to the left and your lands and nonland permanents above that. Exiled card appear above your graveyard.
Clicking the top of the deck that appears in the Play area will draw a single card while hitting
the bottom portion (the stack) will give you a new hand or mulligan your current hand.
You can click or alt-click on any cards in your testing area to play them, discard them or return them to hand.
There are a number of extra commands available via the right-click menu while testing your deck:
some apply only to the library and some apply to the card your mouse is over.
A life tracker appears by default when you first test a deck. You can drag
it around or close it. You can also reopen it via PLAY > Life Tracker.

Share your Deck
Select Copy URL from the SHARE menu to copy a full-length URL to your clipboard. Just paste in an email or WIM to a friend.
Such URLs will take them to the Wizard's Familiar homepage, but when they enter they will see your deck exactly as you made it.
The full URL isn't short, but you can send it as a TinyURL to save space.
You can email your deck list and the link to your deck along with any comments you'd like to add directly to your friend.
If you have a Twitter account, select Tweet URL to have a tweet pre-built that you can modify before sending.
You can also send and recieve the .dec files you or your friend's have saved as attachments or via Dropbox et al.
If you prefer to copy the text of your decklist, use SHARE > Copy Decklist.
You can now also right-click in the Deck area to paste a decklist directly into Wizard's Familiar.

Tricks & Time Savers
Most click-commands have an Alt version that will do the 'opposite' command if you click while holding the Alt key.
Also try right-clicking cards to see what new options are available from that menu.
Similarly, most have a Shift version which will repeat that action four times.
To zoom into a card outside of the Collection area, hold Space while the cursor over it.
There is a Divider Bar between the Deck area and the Collection & Play areas. Drag it up
or down to resize those areas or click the middle arrow to collapse the Deck area temporarily.
Flash Player 10 required. Flash Player Click here to get it.
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